Incitement Deserves Indictment on Iran Resolution Passes in US House

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On June 20, the US House of Representatives passed HConRes21, calling for indictment of the President of Iran for incitement to genocide, based on his calls to wipe Israel off the map. by vote of 402 to 2. This is a landmark resolution, because it probably is the first time ever that there is a call for legal action by a major legislative body to prevent genocide by holding those accountable for incitement and hate language, which are known predictors and catalysts of genocide. Its wording is a template for the prevention of all genocides, and is based on previous research, work and statements by the Hebrew University from its Genocide Prevention Program, including letters to the UN Special Advisor for the Prevention of Genocide, the Intl Assoc of Genocide Scholars, an articlel in the Jerusalem Post in Feb 2006 authored by Blum, Stanton, Richter and Charny, (Google: Incitement deserves indictment), statements by Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, and the monograph of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs prepared by Justus Weiner and co-authors.

We can thank Richard Hellman and Chuck Woolery of CIPAC for the tireless shoeleather work they did to mobilize the support of the 103 signers of the proposed resolution, from both parties, and Dore Gold for committing the resources of JCPA to this mission. The lobbying all began over a box lunch and cups of coffee in the noisy basement cafeteria of the Ronald Reagan Building. The goal now is to move to
translate this resolution into further actions.

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Incitement Deserves Indictment on Iran Resolution Passes in US House

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