An open Letter to Israel’s Prime Minister

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Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

The two articles below attest to a new and welcome trend in Palestinian Authority politics. The rank and file of party leaders are rebelling against Arafat and his Old Guard (his “outsiders” or “Tunis Gang”, as insider PA leadership calls them), declaring the Intifada a failure, the PA corrupt, and Arafat a derelict leader.

This ground-breaking shift in the sentiments of PA leadership is an attestation to:

a. the success of your strategy of a low-profile war against the terrorists while encouraging dialogue with lower level PA leaders. By decimating Hamas’ ranks, you created the opening for anti-Arafat voices to be heard with a reduced (but not eliminated) threat of murder at the hands of Arafat’s henchmen and/or Hamas

b. the will of the Palestinian majority to end the conflict and seek a negotiated settlement that offers them national self-determination in the context of peaceful co-existence with Israel

c. the courage and determination of those Palestinian leaders who are now telling the world what Israel has been saying for decades, and what President Bush has been saying since his visionary speech of 6/24/02: Arafat is a terrorist, a murderer, a psychotic power-vulture; and Hamas is a genocidal Islamo-faschist terror organization whose only goal is endless Jihad. Neither are fit leaders for a people who want democratic self-determination and peaceful resolution to conflict

d. the courage and good will of the Israeli body politic, still willing and daring, despite 55 years of seige and war and relentless terror assaults with thousands dead on both sides, to extend a hand of support and friendship for those who want peace and who have the courage to take the risks needed to stand up to the terrorists and reverse Arafat’s commitment to endless murder, terrorism and genocide.

I look forward to supporting you, Mr. Prime Minister, as you display the courage and the political adroitness to take advantage of this historic opportunity?

David Meir-Levi Director: Research and Education Israel Peace initiative, Inc. 873 Santa Cruz Avenue (#202) Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA 650 566 3811

An open Letter to Israel’s Prime Minister

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