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Columbia University Conference
75 20 SPME

This conference was free and open to the public. The tapes are free and open to the world. If you would like to support the work of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, a 501(c)(3), not for profit, educational charitable corporation, your contribution will be gratefully accepted by using PayPal or by sending a…

Columbia Uprising: SPME Hosts Academic Integrity and The Middle East Teach-In
150 150 Dr. Edward S. Beck

March 6, 2005 was an historic day in the history of Academic Freedom and Academic Integrity in Higher Education in America. It was the day when three determined grass-roots faculty, 20 distinguished scholars, intellectuals, activists, alumni and 700 registrants served notice to Columbia University and all of academia that lies, polemics, intimidation and propaganda and…

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