SPME Petition 25

Message Regarding "Resolution in Support of University of California San Diego Corporate Accountability through Divestment from Corporations Profiting from the Illegal Occupation, Siege, and Blockade of Palestine"


Dear ASUCSD President Le and Council Members:

Regarding: "Resolution in Support of University of California San Diego Corporate Accountability through Divestment from Corporations Profiting from the Illegal Occupation, Siege, and Blockade of Palestine,"

We the undersigned strongly urge you to reject the above referenced resolution which unfairly singles out the State of Israel. Though we have diverse opinions on the best way to resolve the tragic conflict between Israel and Palestinians, we are all united in our opinion that this resolution is profoundly misguided, misleading, and unworthy of endorsement by a representative body that has been entrusted to reflect the interests of UCSD's students.

This resolution uses specious arguments that rely on selective, de-contextualized and misrepresented facts to falsely cast Israel as a rogue human rights violator while sidestepping any Palestinian culpability for the strife that has scarred both peoples for far too long. It is particularly revealing that this resolution completely ignores the abysmal human rights situations that exist among Israel's neighbors, such as Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and within the Palestinian ruled territories, and focuses exclusively on the one nation whose record of protecting the civil liberties and democratic freedoms of all its citizens is consistently ranked the highest among the nations of the Mideast.

The most troubling aspect of the resolution is its characterization of Jewish citizens of Israel as "colonial occupiers" while Arabs are described as indigenous to the land.  In so doing, the resolution denies the profound emotional, cultural, and religious connection of the Jewish people to the land of Israel, a connection that spans 3000 years. This is a deplorable attempt to delegitimize an ancient people's ethnic identity. Rather than advancing the prospect of reconciliation between Arabs and Jews, such claims regress to the very attitude that has been at the heart of the conflict and prevented a peaceful resolution thus far.

In conclusion, we call on you, the elected student leadership of UCSD, to recognize the resolution before you for what it truly is – a partisan attempt to bolster the narrative of one party to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the expense of the other. This resolution does not genuinely seek to educate or to redress injustice. Likewise, it does nothing to advance a just and peaceful solution to the tragic conflict that would address the legitimate aspiration of both peoples. Rather, this disingenuous resolution seeks to achieve a political victory for one side over the other. The adoption of this biased resolution by ASUCSD would be a lasting stain on the reputation of ASUCSD and UCSD and it would deal a heavy blow to efforts to foster a respectful and tolerant climate on this campus.

We wish you great wisdom in dealing with this issue!






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