SPME Petitions

An Updated International Call to Academics and Professors To Join Nobel Laureates and University Presidents to Stand In Solidarity With Israeli Academics Facing New Academic Boycott Threats and Actions from UK Professors Union, May 28, 2008
Our Goal: 20000 signatures | We have collected: 15875 signatures|
Petition to the Government of Iran to Free Haleh Esfandiari, Kian Tajbakhsh and Ali Shakeri
Our Goal: 5000 signatures | We have collected: 1392 signatures|
A Petition to Government of Bangladesh to Free and Drop All Charges of Sedition Against Muslim Journalist Salah Choudhury Which Could Result in His Execution
Our Goal: 10000 signatures | We have collected: 3391 signatures|
A Petition To The United Nations and Governments of Good Will to Institute Sanctions Against Iran Following Genocidal Calls Against Israel At Iran's Holocaust Denying Conference
Our Goal: 5000 signatures | We have collected: 1534 signatures|
Open Letter to the UN, Governments, NGO's & Religious Groups to Condemn Ahmadinejad's Call To
Our Goal: 2000 signatures | We have collected: 435 signatures|