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What is Zochrot really remembering?

On March 21-22 the Israeli NGO Zochrot held its “Third International Conference on the Return of Palestinian Refugees” in Tel Aviv. The two-day event featured an all-star team of anti-Israeli Israeli speakers from NGOs and academia, all to promote the…

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Stanford Professor Palumbo-Liu Makes the Case Against BDS

On the occasion of the Modern Language Association’s (MLA) 2016 convention that was held in early January in Austin, David Palumbo-Liu posted several tweets promoting events and material advocating for an academic boycott of Israeli academic institutions. Professor Palumbo-Liu is…

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How the United States Mislabels Israel

In a move uncharacteristic of U.S. policy as it has been carried out for decades, the Obama administration recently endorsed Europe’s version of a soft Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) campaign targeting Israeli merchandise. In late January, the U.S. Customs…

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Healthy Institutions Don’t Boycott Israel

Among the enduring strengths of the Israel boycott movement are its ability to convince certain types of people that the cause is not only just but successful. But with whom are those arguments effective? There is a strong contrast between…

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An open letter to Open Hillel

[In the days just before the Messiah] a man’s enemies will be the members of his household ….    —Talmud Tractate Sotah 49b (quoting Micah 7.6)   At a recent panel discussion, I mentioned the passage above in response to…

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Expect future terrorist attacks on ‘soft targets’

Western civilization has a tendency to look at terrorism as if it’s a B-rated movie: watching explosions and shootings, but paying little attention to the reasons these acts occur. We do not have the patience, nor interest, to understand, follow…

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