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On Wednesday, May 22, a bomb exploded at Yale Law School. Fortunately, no one was hurt. As of this writing, no one has taken “credit” for the violence nor have the authorities blamed any group, or linked the incident in…

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Anti-Semitism in Academia

Task ForceRuth Contreras, Ph.D. Vienna Austria, ChairJudith R. Jacobson, Dr. P.H., Columbia UniversityRichard Benkin, Ph.D., Chicago ILEdward S. Beck, Ed.D, CCMHC, NCC, LPC., Susquehanna Institute Approved March 20, 2003 by the Scholars for Peace in the Middle East Board of…

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Terrorist Profs

From www.danielpipes.org | Original article available at: www.danielpipes.org/article/1032 “It was quiet in [Cooper Hall] 464 Thursday night,” noted the student newspaper, “where [Sameeh] Hammoudeh’s 6 p.m. Arabic IV class was scheduled to meet. Two students who hadn’t heard of his…

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Sami Al-Arian and Moral Turpitude

Whether you like Bill O’Reilly or not, he has performed a high mitzvah in outting and insisting that the University of South Florida’s Sami Al-Arian has aided and abetted terrorists in this country and around the world, leading to his…

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Intimidation Free Campuses

Prepared by Edward S. Beck, Ed.D., CCMHC, NCC, LPCPresident and CEO Scholars for Peace in the Middle EastApproved by the SPME Board 12.10.02 The modern university has historically striven to be an honest forum for competing ideas, freedom of speech…

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