The Message of IfNotNow

Dear Colleagues: As we enter the summer months, we have been observing how the hostile environment on campus pertaining to Israel has trickled down into summer programs such as Jewish overnight camps and birthright trips. In particular, the IfNotNow (INN)…

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Help End Biased Title VI Grants

Dear Colleagues: Many of us have long been aware of the problems within Middle East studies centers. Now in an effort to help end the biased Title VI Grants you can become a peer reviewer. Of late, SPME has learned…

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How the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is Taught

At the latest annual meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) we got a firsthand account of how Jewish pro-Israel groups are perceived on campus from MESA members. MESA has already dropped its original designation as a “non-political learned…

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Anti-Semitism & Charlottesville

Dear Colleagues: The recent events in Charlottesville have clearly raised the ever growing anti-Semitism bar even higher. Charlottesville was an example of how neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan were able to use the statue of Robert E. Lee to…

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BDS is defeated at the MLA

Dear Colleagues: Happy New Year! Over the past few weeks we have witnessed some positive movements and wins regarding BDS. First and most noticeable, was the defeat of the BDS vote at the Modern Language Association (MLA) meeting in Philadelphia ,79 in…

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