Faculty Forum

BDS is defeated at the MLA

Dear Colleagues: Happy New Year! Over the past few weeks we have witnessed some positive movements and wins regarding BDS. First and most noticeable, was the defeat of the BDS vote at the Modern Language Association (MLA) meeting in Philadelphia ,79 in…

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Turkey’s “Academic Freedom”

Dear Colleagues: A week after the attempted coup in Turkey, we are now witnessing Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s attempt to consolidate power by launching a massive purge of Turkish institutions and now the government has “issued a blanket travel ban on…

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Fall ​2015 & BDS

Dear Colleagues: As the new academic year gets on its way we are witnessing an increase in BDS related activity as well as more debates regarding anti-Semitism on campus. Positively,  the University of California’s regents voted to turn down the…

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The Politics of BDS

Dear Colleagues: It has been four decades since Congress passed a law pushing back against boycotts of Israel globally however, at the end of June, we witnessed a change.  We now have two states who passed anti-BDS legislation and others…

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Antisemitism Alive and Well

Dear Colleagues: We recently marked 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz and yet, we are clearly still learning the lessons of the Holocaust with the growth of anti-Semitism worldwide. The recent attacks in Paris are truly emblematic of an…

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