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Emory Investigation Concludes Mock Eviction Notices Weren’t Anti-Semitic

Emory University’s Senate Standing Committee on Open Expression concluded in an April 15 report that Emory Students for Justice in Palestine’s (ESJP) mock eviction notices were not anti-Semitic. The notices, which found in Emory residence halls April 2, told residents that their suites were…

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College Administrators Aiding and Abetting Antisemites

Students at Emory University awoke earlier this month to find flyers posted in their dorm rooms informing them they would be evicted in the coming days. Intended to intimidate Jewish students on college campuses, these mock eviction notices are a…

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Anti-Semitism at NYU

‘I went to NYU so long ago, it was in the Bronx,” my conservative Midwestern father once joked. He wasn’t thrilled to send his left-wing daughter to New York University to study creative writing. My husband, a Tisch professor, and…

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Professor Criticized for Pro-Israeli, Anti-Palestinian Views

In a number of academic freedom disputes in recent years, the professors whose comments have been subject to scrutiny have been harshly critical of Israel’s government, generally over its treatment of Palestinians. Many colleges have stood by faculty members who…

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