SPME BDS Monitor

SPME BDS Monitor Report, Vol. 8

Introduction The modern boycott, divestment and sanctions movement originated with 2001 United Nations World Conference Against Racism, known as Durban II. The “Durban Strategy” of isolating and vilifying Israel has propagated through non-governmental organizations, academia and media. But economic boycotts…

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SPME BDS Monitor Report, Vol. 5

Introduction BDS activities continued throughout November. Of particular note were developments in the political relationship between Israel and the European Union and an important series of incidents in academia. Analysis The latest reports indicate that negotiations regarding Israeli participation in…

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SPME BDS Monitor Report, Vol. 4

  Analysis October saw BDS activities in full swing across the entire spectrum of economic, religious, political, academic and cultural affairs. Only in academia and the Protestant church can BDS groups claim a measure of success. In the political sphere…

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BDS Monitor – Special Edition

Introduction A potentially important BDS development this month is the appearance of an issue of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) Journal of Academic Freedom dedicated to boycott of Israel. This report presents background and analysis regarding this development.…

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SPME BDS Monitor Report, Vol. 3

BDS and Israel generally were overshadowed in September by the rapidly changing Syrian problem. A number of incidents demonstrate how Israel remains the primary focus for BDS activists and selected politicians even as a weapons of mass destruction tragedy unfolds.…

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SPME BDS Monitor Report, Vol. 2

There were a variety of BDS related developments in August, the most significant of which demonstrated the political impact, real, imagined and threatened, of BDS. Other events again demonstrated the mendacious and threatening tactics used by BDS supporters Reports indicate…

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