SPME BDS Monitor

Campus BDS suffers setbacks; US state legislatures move to prohibit Israel boycotts but Palestinian threats to have Israel expelled from international soccer appear ready to materialize.

Introduction BDS on campuses ended the year with limited gains and important setbacks. The fight has also moved decisively into state legislatures, which are voting in favor of bills prohibiting agencies from doing business with firms boycotting Israel. But internationally…

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Campus BDS intensifies but successes are uneven. European pressure on Israel increases before Israeli elections but proposed American legislation may undercut political use of BDS.

Introduction With the spring semester in full swing BDS activities intensified greatly, with the focus split between student governments and academic associations. And with the Israeli elections quickly approaching, European boycott threats have also increased. But legislation in the US…

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Fall semester ends with big BDS push

Introduction The end of the fall semester saw continued BDS successes in academic organizations but failures in other areas. In political terms, recognition of Palestine continued among European countries. Coupled with American comments about possible sanctions over Israeli construction activities,…

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BDS shifts back to campus with secret investigation of anti-BDS faculty member, BDS resolution votes. American Studies Association partially backs down from BDS after lawsuit threats. European boycott threats and anti-Israel violence continue

Introduction October’s BDS activities were focused on North American campuses. The overall number of incidents is twice that of last year, and there have been disturbing changes in their character, including violence. Pressure on faculty members is increasing, with any…

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BDS used by American Muslim organization in bid for publicity, community leadership. Pushback from pro-peace advocates blunts campus impacts. European regulations cut Israeli imports from West Bank

Introduction BDS in September built on the summer’s conflict in Gaza, with a variety of efforts to condemn and isolate Israel in academia. European economic threats against Israel in order to force Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations have also intensified after the…

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