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Campus ‘speech as violence’ claims spreads as state-level anti-BDS laws cause confusion. BDS blames Zionism for Weinstein sex abuse as Center for Jewish History cancels BDS-related talk.

The campus speech crisis continued in October, with more shout downs of pro-Israel and free speech advocates. The spread of this BDS tactic shows the movement is a leading indicator of intolerance. But like the concept of ‘intersectionality’ and ‘anti-fascist’…

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BDS movement capitalizes on social conflicts to equate Zionism with Nazism and ‘white supremacy’ as new BDS-formed ‘antifa’ movement threatens campus. Democratic progressives oppose anti-BDS bill as threat to free speech while technology companies suppress speech.

The cooptation of radical trends by the BDS movement continued in August after the violent confrontation between neo-Nazi and ‘antifa’ communist protestors in Charlottesville. With both neo-Nazis and BDS supporters equating Zionism with ‘white supremacy,’ the fall semester seems likely…

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Pushback against BDS gains ground in academia. Focus shifts to politics and culture as UK elections and courts empower anti-Israel forces and Chicago LGBTQ march excludes Jews over Star of David.

After the school year BDS suffered losses in academic organizations and in colleges, where votes, trustee decisions, and lawsuits have pushed back strongly against discrimination. But on the political scene the situation is more mixed, especially in Britain, where a…

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BDS motions approved by underhanded student governments during Passover. Intersectional promotion of BDS continues as campus violence and anti-free speech protests expand.

BDS on campus suffered setbacks in April but succeeded when Jews were effectively excluded from debates by the Passover holidays. The passage of BDS resolutions during Passover demonstrates the movement’s underhandedness and antisemitism, while the growing anti-free speech movement threatens…

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Overt antisemitism increases on US campuses as BDS converges with anti-Trump protests. New British antisemitism guidelines shut down ‘apartheid week’ events and local council boycotts.

February was marked by antisemitic incidents both on and off campuses, originating from both the far right and the BDS supporting far left. Neo-Nazi and Islamist antisemitism was evident and BDS hijacking of other movements continued, but new British antisemitism…

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Trump administration confirms opposition to BDS as ‘Woman’s March’ showcases intersection alliance between feminists and Islamist leaders of BDS as academic associations reject BDS.

January saw the new Trump administration articulate strong opposition to BDS. Subsequent protests against the administration and its new temporary immigration restrictions saw the ‘intersectional’ alliance of mainstream movements with BDS advocates and Islamists. Support for, and opposition to, BDS…

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