Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS)

Groups to Bush: Drop Iran-Israel Linkage

WASHINGTON – Jewish community leaders have urged the White House to refrain from publicly pledging to defend Israel against possible Iranian hostilities, senior Jewish activists told the Forward. Messages were passed to the White House through several channels, Jewish activists…

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War of Words Over Paper on Israel

March 27 When “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” first appeared on the Web site of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government this month, the paper’s title page featured the globe and Harvard seal that make up…

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Ilka Schroeder is back

Ilka Shroeder (or Schroder) was the Green Party EU Parliament rep last seen speaking out against EU support for the Palestinian Authority two years ago. See previous: llka Shroder: The War Against Israel and Growing European Nationalism. A quick quote…

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The New Anti-Semitism by Bernard Lewis

The New Anti-SemitismBernard Lewis The American Scholar – Volume 75 No. 1 Winter 2006 pp. 25-36 There is a well-worn platitude that we have all heard many times before: it is perfectly legitimate to criticize the actions and policies of…

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May 10, 2006 Here we go again

The horror is back. As was entirely predictable, there is to be another attempt this year at an academic boycott of Israel. This one is to come not as last year from the AUT but the rival higher education union,…

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NATFHE: Chuck out 198C!

The union that covers staff in the newer universities is to consider a further resolution on boycotting Israeli universities at its conference in Blackpool later this month. There are reports in the Israeli media that suggest that the resolution facing…

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