If You Want Two States, Support BDS

I have not only heard all the arguments against BDS, I have made them. I am one of those really liberal Jews who will appear on panels too treif for most mainstream Jews (because they include anti-Zionists) and argue that the liberal…

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A note from Roger Waters to Abe Foxman

Dear Mr. Foxman, Thank you for your letter.  I will try to address the points you make, in the order that you make them. With the general proviso though, that I am wary of, and wearied by any form of…

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The American Jewish Cocoon

Speak to American Jews long enough about Israel and you begin to notice something. The conversation may begin with Israel, but it rarely ends there. It usually ends with “them.” Express concern about Israeli subsidies for West Bank settlements and…

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The Boycott of Israel Eight Years In

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement directed toward Israel is eight years old. It was started back in 2005, when a coalition of Palestine-based social and economic organizations called for such a comprehensive effort. At first the BDS movement…

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Boycotting the Messenger

Moshen Makhmalbaf’s film The Gardner opened in New York this weekend. Makhmalbaf is a living cinematic legend. His films revolutionized Iranian cinema and he became world-renowned as a master. Makhmalbaf is not a run-of-the-mill filmmaker, he is profound and subtle…

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