The ASA’s Guide to World Peace

Angela Davis, who warmly supported the ASA boycott, with Erich Honecker, the leader of a nation which, unlike Israel, has never done anything bad.(German Federal Archives) Earlier today, members of the American Studies Association voted to confirm the organization’s decision…

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Eight Years of the BDS Movement: Where Have We Come Since 2005? (al-Majdal, Autumn 2013)

As the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement passes the eight year point since the 2005 Call, the 54th issue of al-Majdal evaluates its progress and remarks on areas for development, and spotlights current initiatives attempting to build an effective practice of the BDS tactic. The principal…

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151 Organizations Tell Ben & Jerry’s: Stop Selling in Israeli Settlements

The international campaign to end Ben & Jerry’s complicity in Israel’s occupation and illegal settlement regime continues to gain momentum.  On September 9, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel (VTJP) released a letter [] to CEO Jostein Solheim signed…

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Weekly Protest Against Sodastream

Join the Weekly Protest Against Sodastream in Brighton every Saturday!! SodaStream is an Israeli manufacturer of home carbonation systems and refill components. In August this year the company opened a shop in Brighton called EcoStream. This is its first own brand shop…

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If You Want Two States, Support BDS

I have not only heard all the arguments against BDS, I have made them. I am one of those really liberal Jews who will appear on panels too treif for most mainstream Jews (because they include anti-Zionists) and argue that the liberal…

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