Latest News on BDS

“No Matter What, the Violence Will Never Stop”

Source:,1518,424505,00.html Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook is second in command of the political Hamas leadership in Syrian exile. In an interview, he tells SPIEGEL ONLINE that the agreement with Fatah on the foundation of a Palestinian state does not mean…

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Free Speech for Some by Jonathan Rosenblum

SPME Editor’s Note: This article is presented as an example of what can happen when professors decide to shed heat rather than light on a subject. The works of both professors have been known to inflame more than explain and…

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Yes To Cooperation. No To Boycotts by Shamai Leibowitz

Even the most ardent fans of acronyms will not recognize this one – BDS. That is, unless they are involved with peace movements concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. BDS means Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions. It has recently become a popular acronym…

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Alan Dershowitz: Terrorists Want Israel To Kill Civilians

The increasing number of Palestinian civilian casualties unintentionally inflicted by Israel in its effort to stop rocket attacks against its own civilians reflects the success of the terrorists’ policy. The goal of Palestinian terrorism is to increase the number of…

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Prisoners’ Document: Peace Plan or “Phased Plan”? by Gilead Ini, CAMERA

Source: Much of the media are misreporting the substance of the referendum proposed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the so-called Prisoners’ Document presented in the referendum. If the July 26 referendum actually does take place-Abbas has said the…

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