Anti BDS

The EU’s Not-Quite Settlement Boycott

The European Union has issued new guidelines for its cooperation with Israel which explicitly curtail its involvement in the Occupied Territories. Naturally, this has sparked a diplomatic firestorm. Prime Minister Netanyahu immediately condemned the regulations, which are set to be…

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PA official: EU Judea and Samaria guidelines harm Palestinians

A senior Palestinian Authority official confirmed to Israel Hayom on Tuesday that many in Ramallah were dissatisfied with the European Union’s decision to withhold economic grants and incentives to Israeli companies situated in Judea and Samaria. “For our part, we…

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Boycott just around the corner

The European Union’s decision to exclude the settlements from its agreements with the State of Israel is a turning point. The decision means that any activity in a West Bank settlement will not benefit from any aid received from the…

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Gideon Levy’s boycott call slanders Israel

“Anyone who really fears for the future of the country needs to be in favor at this point of boycotting it economically,” Gideon Levy wrote in these pages over the weekend. I have a question for Levy, the self-appointed conscience of the State…

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