Anti BDS

French Payment Service Supports BDS, Defies Anti-BDS Law

The online payment service HelloAsso announced that it will continue to provide services to boycott Israel organizations whose accounts were shut down by PayPal and French banks for apparent violations of France’s anti-discrimination law. HelloAsso tweeted a statement on September…

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Spanish Anti-BDS Org Gets Boycott Resolution Nixed by Court

A Spanish district court has annulled a BDS resolution passed by the municipal council of Ayamonte, a town in the country’s southwest, banning any association or economic agreement with Israeli companies and organizations. The decision was made September 4 in response…

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Norway declares boycott against Israel is legal

Norway’s Foreign Affairs Ministry determined that boycotting products and services coming from Israeli settlements is legal and does not contradict Norway’s international trade commitments. Nevertheless, the assertion was said to be inappropriate, according to an internal document signed by Norway’s…

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The UN Makes the Case for an Anti-BDS Law

If there was any doubt about the need for Congress to pass the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, it was erased yesterday when the U.N.’ Office for the High Commissioner on Human Rights issued a report about companies doing business in the…

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The IRS Campaign Against Israel—and Us

LLUSTRATION: BARBARA KELLEY The first IRS viewpoint discrimination case to be filed, Z Street v. IRS, has been settled, with disturbing revelations about how the Internal Revenue Service treated pro-Israel organizations applying for tax-exempt status. I founded Z Street in 2009 to…

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The Disappointed BDS Supporters

A 2014 global survey by the Anti-Defamation League found that there are more than one billion antisemites worldwide. This translates into about 70 antisemites for every Jew. When an Israeli goes abroad, he is likely to meet such extremely prejudiced people — though…

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