The Age of Zionism

FOUR YEARS AGO I RECEIVED A VERY UNUSUAL invitation indeed. The Church of England in Manchester, England, was organizing a conference on the subject of “Conflict resolution on Campus.” Chaplains and counselors from all faiths were invited to attend and there…

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Academia’s Jew haters

In a recent lecture at the University of Oslo, Norwegian sociologist Professor Johan Galtung claimed there was a possible connection exists between the terrorist responsible for the massacre of children in Norway last summer, and the Mossad. “The Jews control…

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Jewish community backs Title VI

The organized Jewish community in the US has just cast a big vote of confidence for civil rights lawsuits to protect Jewish students. This is surprising because recent indications were that it would go the other way. The Jewish Council…

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Anti-Semitism on Calif Campuses: Mark Reed wants Federal Investigation

RUSS REPORT – District 30 Congressional Candidate, Mark Reed, is calling on incumbents, Congressmen Brad Sherman and Howard Berman to demand a Federal investigation into charges of anti-Semitism on University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) campuses. Reed…

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New Film Exposes Northeastern’s Radical Holocaust Program

Americans for Peace and Tolerance has released a documentary on Northeastern’s Holocaust Awareness Week, and Charles Jacobs has published a column in the Jewish Advocate summarizing his criticisms of it. In response, Northeastern Provost Stephen Director has complained that Jacobs “cherry-picked his examples”: The present-day facts are…

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