“The Harvard Crimson” Building at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. Photo: Beyond My Ken via Wikimedia Commons.

Academia’s Selective Deviation from Freedom of Inquiry

Freedom of inquiry, meaning vigorous analysis and debate of controversial issues, is supposed to constitute an integral element of higher education. American universities have traditionally rejected didactic orthodoxy, and permitted diverse views on such provocative topics as wars, abortion, sexual…

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A column in Teen Vogue unflatteringly compares policing of minority communities in the United States and Israel. (Lily Hong/Flickr)

Defaming Israel at ‘Teen Vogue’

Publishing giant Condé Nast’s youth fashion magazine Teen Vogue, the self-proclaimed “destination for the next generation of influencers,” continued last week to promote not only anti-Israel bias but a warped vision of Judaism. The main subject of Zack Haber’s article “Pen Palestine Project Fosters…

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