Jewish Anti-Zionism is White Saviorism

About a year ago, the media company VICE News published a YouTube video featuring a young woman with an unsettling mask over her head to conceal her identity. When she responds to questions from the off-camera interviewer, her voice is…

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Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Barcelona’s mayor sued over Israel boycott

Barcelona’s mayor is being sued over her decision in February to sever the Spanish city’s official relations with Israel, including its twinning agreement with Tel Aviv. The Lawfare Project announced on Tuesday the filing of the lawsuit against the Catalan capital’s leftist…

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Antisemitism in the United States: Antisemitic graffiti on The Rock landmark at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, blaming Jews for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, September, 2019 (photo credit: ADL)

Hillel leaders give Israel a wakeup call

Last year, I sank an anti-Israel BDS campaign at Princeton. Today, I’m calling attention to our inept Jewish leadership in the face of soaring Jew-hatred. Hardly a day passes by when I am not inundated with harrowing tales of antisemitism rearing its…

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Israeli rugby team Tel Aviv Heat in action against English side Saracens. Photo: Tel Aviv Heat

US Jewish Groups Urge American Rugby Team to Withdraw From South African Tournament After Anti-Israel Snub – US Jewish Groups Urge Rugby Team to Withdraw From South African Tournament After Anti-Israel Snub

A group of major American Jewish organizations have added their voices to the controversy over the exclusion of an Israeli rugby team from an international competition in South Africa and its replacement with a club from the US. The 12…

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