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Steinberg’s letter to the editor regarding “healing and peacemaking.”
150 150 Gerald M. Steinberg

March 15, 2005 Letter to the Editor The Lancet Samer Jabbour’s letter (“Healing and peace making in the middle east: challenges for doctors, January 25, 2005 1), in response to Skinner et al notes the difficult questions on the relationship between political processes and cooperative health care in regions of intense conflict. However, Jabbour’s…

Promoting Arab and Israeli cooperation: peace building through health initiatives
150 150 SPME

Public HealthPromoting Arab and Israeli cooperation: peacebuilding through health initiatives Published online January 25, 2005 Harvey Skinner, Ziad Abdeen, Hani Abdeen, Phil Aber, Mohammad Al-Masri, Joseph Attias, Karen B Avraham, Rivka Carmi, Catherine Chalin, Ziad El Nasser, Manaf Hijazi, Rema Othman Jebara, Moien Kanaan, Hillel Pratt, Firas Raad, Yehudah Roth, A Paul Williams, Arnold…

Healing and peacemaking in the middle east: challenges for doctors
150 150 SPME

Comment Healing and peace making in the middle east: challenges for doctors The efforts noted by Harvey Skinner and colleagues in today’s Lancet would not have been possible 10 years ago, and the subject was taboo 15 years ago. The launching of the peace process in the middle east in the early 1990s has allowed…

Response to IHT
150 150 Irwin J. Mansdorf

To the Editor: Roger Avenstrup (“Where is all that incitement?” IHT, December 18-19, 2004) blithely writes that the 2003 report of the Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) contends that the overall orientation of the Palestinian curriculum is “peaceful”. Curiously enough, however, when one goes to the IPCRI website, a different message is given.…

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