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Stanford’s Tibor R. Machan Writes to British Unions on Israel Boycott Resolutions
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: I implore you to rescind any boycott of Israeli scholars. Such indiscriminate targeting of individuals, many of whom may have nothing at all to do with your concerns about some of the Israeli government’s misguided policies, is clearly unjust. As to the policies themselves, I cannot judge without extensive investigation. But…

Florence Goldie Klugman, Barry College (ret.) Responds to Christopher MacDonald-Dennis and Israel Narrative on Campus
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Christopher Dennis- Bryn Mawr, Re: Israel Narrative on the Campus.. Sir: Diversity is a term currently used, with great popularitybut not always with deep scholarship, to denote the civil rights,civil liberties or “equality” incumbent upon government to give allits citizens in law. The culture concept term of “doiversity” isAmerican. Students, as you know, are easily…

Steve Bowman, Judaic Studies, University of Cincinnati, Asks ” What’s Wrong With A Strong Israel Lobby?”
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Other than paying lip service to anti-Semitism, antisemitism and antisemitism, what is wrong with a strong Israel lobby? It is de rigeur for survival in Washington and, aside from Judeophobes and others, e*v*e*r*y*o*n*e would like to have a strong lobby to influence their position in Washington. Examples: Christian Evangilists, oil, tobacco, weapons, gambling, liquor, pharmaceuticals,…

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