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SOAS To Feature “The Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel: Non-Violent Resistance to Violent Racism” Nov. 29, 7PM-9PM
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Dear UK Colleagues, SPME has received word from the International Advisory Board on Academic Freedom of the following event at SOAS. If any of you can attend this and raise issues if there is a question and answer period, this would be wonderful. If you could also report something for the SPME and Anti-Boycott Coalition,…

Who’s Coming Up For Tenure: Nadia Abu el-Haj, Solomonia, November 14, 2006
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Anne Lieberman Shares This Observatio on Solomonia Blog on Nadia Abu el-Haj Tenure Situation at Barnard College “At Barnard College they are forming a committee to consider giving tenure to a young Palestinian anthropologist who advocates destroying archaeological sites for political purposes, and who has decided — without regard to evidence — that the…

Prof. David Seymour, University of Lancaster (UK), Responds to Prof. Segal’s Allegations of Anti-Israelism at University of Lancaster
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I read the Prof Segal’s comments with interest. I am a lecturer at Lancaster and introduced the anti-boycott motion to my union branch. I can only say that at all times the union acted with integrity and honesty and, whilst some of the local exec disagreed with my stance (and that of the outcome),…

Judea Pearl, UCLA Responds to Robert Segal, University of Aberdeen, November 11, 2006
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Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 From: Judea Pearl <[email protected]>To: [email protected]: [email protected]: anti-zionist rabbi Dear Dr. Segal,Responding to your letter on SPME, please notemy oped at The Jewish Chronicle Nov. 3, which dealsprecisely with this sort of problems (copy below). It is hard for us to call Rabbi Cohen an antisemite, but we can openly and…

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