Antisemitism in Norway: Norwegian Jewish Student Forced to Change University, Course

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Vårt Lands brings us a terrifying story about the Jewish student Anja Savosnic, who was forced to give up Hebrew studies at the University of Oslo due to anti-semitic attacks from fellow students.

In a harrowing account she tells a story of how, because of her ethnic, religious background, she is verbally abused, told to burn in Auschwitz, spat upon, held responsible for Israel’s policies among some atrocities.

All of this started because she chose to study Hebrew at the University of Oslo. She says she usually keeps her ethnic, religious identity secret, fearing controversy if people find out about it.

However, at the university, fellow students and others would then ask her why Hebrew, following up with questions whether she is Jewish or not. As a rule she never answers, which makes people draw their own conclusions and then proceed to launch verbal attacks on her.

She quit the University of Oslo and her Hebrew course after two years citing it is too hard to be held personally responsible for whatever Israel does, in addition to outright and old fashioned Jew hatred. She now studies economy at the University College of Oslo.

Interestingly she says she has rarely experienced antisemitism from Muslims. The perpetrators are as a rule ethnic Norwegians.

The original interview is featured in the student paper Universitas. This article explores the challenges religious minorities face at University. A Muslim student says he has never faced the kind of abuse Anja faces regularly, whereas the Catholic student says her faith is not much of an issue in Oslo.

In the Universitas interview, Anja shares her own thoughts about the particular climate at Blindern (un-authorized translation):

Maybe it is because the political climate there is so strong, and because the anti-Israel sentiment is often converted into a personal issue, that I personally therefore become a target.

She then adds that friends have warned her against going public with her story, but she insists she will not back down, but throw light on he absurd situation that students, who ought to be the brightest of our youth, in reality are the worst bigots.

This harrowing account comes on the heels of a public enquiry that concluded that antisemitism is not a big problem in Norway. These interviews suggest otherwise and puts the onus on the University of Oslo to review its own failure to provide adequate protection for ethnic minorities.

A thorough investigation of this terrible story is required, along with the suspension of fellow students and in particular university professors who have allowed this to go on. It is shameful that the victim has had to leave her studies, when the Law is clear, it is the bullies who have to go.

Shame on the University of Oslo for failing miserably in protecting its students, allowing antisemitism on campus.

And, shame on the politically correct elites of Norway to continue to insist that antisemitism in non-existent in our kingdom.

For the students, F in basic humanity and basic polite behavior.

Prof. M. McGonagall

Antisemitism in Norway: Norwegian Jewish Student Forced to Change University, Course

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