U. Minnesota student compares Pro-Israel group to KKK

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Incorrect and offensive on so many levels.

Ron Feingold of Campus Reform reported.

Student gov’t rep compares pro-Israel group to KKK

The University of Minnesota’s graduate student representative to the Board of Regents compared Students Supporting Israel (SSI) to the Ku Klux Klan in a series of emails obtained by Campus Reform.

Damien Carriere labeled SSI a “hate group” in emails sent to U of M’s student government executive board in a campaign to remove the founder of the pro-Israel group from the Student Services Committee, a committee which is responsible for the distribution of millions of dollars in funds to various student groups.

“[Ilan Sinelnikov’] is a member of a hate group (SSI) and I think he comes in with a fishy agenda,” Carriere wrote in one email circulated between the undergraduate and graduate student governments.

The emails to the executive board of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) continued, and as some members of the board began questioning his classification of SSI as a hate group, Carriere wrote that the Student Services Committee “would fund a KKK group if they justify their request well. So let us consider that they do pass the student group test.”

Carriere explains in the emails that SSI is a hate group because the students belong “to a certain ideology which is present among some citizens of that state that has been refusing rights to minorities outside of the recognized borders of that country.”

In a follow-up email, Carriere said that he would label Christian Crusaders for Christ a hate group because it “is named after a bloody and inherently racist episode in European history.”

“The term crusade is considered by many as offensive because it refers to the will of chasing the Muslims from their land by mean [sic] of war,” Carriere wrote.

U. Minnesota student compares Pro-Israel group to KKK

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