A delegation from Israel was attacked by BDS activists

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Yesterday evening, after a concentrated day of meetings with parliamentarians in Madrid’s Parliament Building, as part of a collaboration with the Spanish-Jewish Information Association ACOM, members of the Samaritan Regional Council arrived at the Intercontinental Hotel in the city center for a panel to invite Their position that marking the products and the boycott of BDS transport is harmful to both Arabs and Jews.Shortly after the event was attended by about 200 attendees, BDS activists began waving, cursing, shouting and rioting, even attempting to physically attack Dagan and Palestinian and Arab panelists attending the conference, shouting at Dagan “war criminal”.

The activists were amazed to find that the Samaria Conference and the BDS were also attended by Israeli and Palestinian Arabs, including Sheikh Tamimi. Dagan plastered the BDS activists: “We are not afraid of you. You do not want peace, you do not like Arabs, you hate Jews and you are anti-Semitic. That is your true face, you will be ashamed.”

The hotel security guards arrived to take control of the rioters who also tried to harm the members of the Palestinian delegation, claiming that they were traitors who are in the service of the State of Israel for money. As a result, one of the participants did not feel good and had to step down. After the security forces forced BDS activists out of the courtroom, Dagan cynically thanked them: “They revealed the true face of BDS. They did not come to listen, none of them have ever met a councilor or a settler from Samaria, and never talked to people. Like Sheikh Tamimi, but it doesn’t interest them what’s happening on the ground. The only thing they have is ignorance and hatred. This is an anti-Semitic group that wants to eradicate the Jewish people and the State of Israel. ”

Due to concern for the life of the delegation, special forces of the Madrid Police were called to the site to extricate the participants from the hotel. The unit commander wanted to expel members of the delegation through a back exit, but the head of the Samaritan Dagan council informed him that the delegation islanders entered the main door and exited the main door, saying, “We Jews from Eretz Israel will never be afraid of anti-Semites.”

Outside, BDS and far-left activists were waiting for them to continue demonstrating. Samaria Regional Council Chairman Yossi Dagan: “We came to Madrid to fight the BDS activists and the decision to mark the YS products and very soon we were reminded why we are struggling. Dozens of hate-filled people wanted to hurt us out of pure anti-Semitism. This is the best testimony to their true face, they do not work for the Palestinians, nor for human rights, they are hatred ministers whose sole purpose is to destroy the Jewish people and the State of Israel. I have no doubt that if not the local police special forces tonight could have ended in a completely different way. ”

The delegation arrived in Madrid as part of an intense week of the Samaritan Regional Council’s Foreign Relations Unit, with the aim of changing the decision of the European Union to mark YU products. Last Sunday, a delegation of 25 world government ministers and MPs arrived on a tour of the Barkan industrial zone and on Friday Immediately upon landing in Israel, another senior delegation from all over the world will arrive in Samaria.

Among the members of the delegation are Sheikh Tamimi of Ramallah, Sara Zoabi and Yadima Taia, Israeli Arab activities, Samaria Council head and Moshe Levan from the Barkan industrial area.

A delegation from Israel was attacked by BDS activists

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