Book Reviews

Is Anti-Semitism Unique?

Among anti-Semitism scholars, nothing clears a room faster than the question of whether Jew-hatred is unique.  One school of thought says that it is uniquely evil, qualitatively distinct in both severity and character.  Let us call all them the Exceptionalists,…

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Antisemitism: Obsession or Logic?

The title of Robert Wistrich’s new book, From Ambivalence to Betrayal:The Left, the Jews, and Israel, may be read as a description or a conclusion.  The book delivers only the former.  Wistrich, perhaps the world’s foremost expert on anti-Semitism, lays out…

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Antisemitism: A Specific Phenomenon (REVIEW)

“As time went on … the Nazis not only became the source of power and wealth and the seekers after Germany’s greatness, but also learned how to handle footnotes and quotations…Hitler was aware of the necessity of presenting anti-Jewish ideology…

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