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Ruth R. Wisse

The Suicidal Passion

  It now seems that one Jew is worth more than 1,000 Arabs—the rate of exchange established not by Israel, but by Hamas, and celebrated on the Arab street. The “prisoner swap” of more than a thousand Arab prisoners for…

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Ruth Wisse: Are American Jews Too Powerful? Not Even Close. Ruth Wisse is Professor of Yiddish and Comparative Literature at Harvard University. Her book Jews and Power is available from SPMEMart by clicking here These days, it’s becoming downright chic to hint forebodingly that America’s Jews are just too…

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Ruth Wisse: Against the Boycott

The presidents of Harvard, Yale, and Brown, conspicuously absent from the original list of signatories, have since posted assurances that they join the almost 300 American college and university presidents who signed a statement earlier this month protesting the vote…

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