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Ken Waltzer

Portrait of a Presbyterian divestment activist

Robert Ross is the son of a Presbyterian minister from West Virginia and currently an assistant professor of global cultural studies at Point Park University in Pittsburgh. He graduated from West Chester State University in Pennsylvania, majoring in sociology and…

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Kenneth Waltzer: In Anticipation

The visit last month by Israel’s prime minister to the United States, which included dueling speeches by President Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu, confirmed that the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is dead and can be resurrected only with great difficulty. While in…

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Arguing With Judith Butler II

In a recent piece published by SPME, I commented on Judith Butler’s letter to the Berkeley Student Senate April 14 calling on students to press the university to divest from companies making military weapons which Israel employs to sustain the…

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Ken Waltzer: Arguing With Judith Bulter

I read the speech by Judith Butler, Maxine Elliot Professor of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature at UC-Berkeley, titled “You Will Not Be Alone,” which she addressed Wednesday April 14 to Berkeley student senators. The speech, available at the Nation at…

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