BDS Is Anti-Semitic, British Foreign Secretary Says

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As The Daily Wire reported last week, the national parliament of Germany recently decided to formally condemn the “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” movement (BDS) against the state of Israel as anti-Semitic — thus taking a stronger stance against anti-Semitism in the year 2019 than has the United States’ Democratic Party:

To borrow from Lewis Carroll, we in the year 2019 truly appear to be “through the looking-glass.”

Today, the German parliament took the great step of approving a resolution that condemns the “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” (BDS) movement against Israel as anti-Semitic and reminiscent of Nazi-era boycotts that harrowingly targeted German Jews during the rise of the Third Reich.

Unbelievably, this makes the parliament of Germany — the erstwhile highly sophisticated and industrialized nation that nonetheless oversaw the most lethal and systemically executed genocide against the Jews in the history of the Jewish people (or any people, for that matter) — less anti-Semitic than the Democratic Party in the United States. The Democratic Party in the year 2019, after all, votes against anti-BDS legislation, harbors presidential candidates who categorically boycott the annual confab for the milquetoast pro-Israel group AIPAC, diligently waters down resolutions that merely condemn Jew-hatred, and utterly refuses to condemn virulent anti-Semites in its ranks.

Indeed, as The Times of Israel reported, “The German motion stated that ‘the pattern of argument and methods of the BDS movement are anti-Semitic.'” The motion then expressly compared BDS with the Jew-hating tactics employed during the rise of the Third Reich: “The campaign’s calls to boycott Israeli artists, along with stickers on Israeli goods that are meant to dissuade people from buying them, are also reminiscent of the most terrible phase of German history. The BDS movement’s ‘Don’t Buy’ stickers on Israeli products inevitably awake associations with the Nazi slogan ‘Don’t Buy from Jews!’ and similar scrawls on facades and shop windows.”

Now, amidst soaring anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom and the leadership of the once-venerable leftist Labour Party by an incorrigible Jew-hater, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt now claims that he agrees with the German parliament and that BDS is, in fact, anti-Semitic. Per The Tower:

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has thrown his support behind a landmark resolution passed in the German parliament on Friday, which deemed the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel “antisemitic.”

In a tweet, the foreign secretary and a front runner in the race to succeed Theresa May as prime minister, wrote: “Boycotting Israel — the world’s only Jewish state — is antisemitic.”

He added: “I salute Germany for taking stand.”

“Tremors, turbulence & terror in Mid East remind us of urgent need for peace: two-state solution,” Hunt said in his tweet. But he noted that “the foundations for peace are respect & coexistence,” implying that the boycott of Israel is a major obstacle in achieving those goals.

Sardonically, as Israel National News notes, both the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas terrorist groups condemned Germany for its recent move:

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), however, blasted the German motion, saying that the resolution was “an attack against the Palestinian people and its legitimate rights,” adding that the BDS movement is part of the fight of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation regime, apartheid and racial segregation.

Similarly, Hamas also criticized Germany, saying, “We condemn passing this unfair resolution by the German Bundestag that is against the Palestinian people’s right to resist the Israeli occupation, which is the most terrible occupation in history, with all means possible, given that boycott is a peaceful means of resistance against the Israeli occupation.”

In any event, good for Foreign Secretary Hunt.

BDS Is Anti-Semitic, British Foreign Secretary Says

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