How Israel Became a Start-Up Nation

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About Moshe Porat, PhD

Dr. M. Moshe Porat is the Dean of the Fox School of Business and Management and Dean of the School of Tourism and Hospitality at Temple University.

He is also the Laura H. Carnell Professor of Risk Management and Insurance, the former Chairholder of the Joseph E. Boettner Professorship in Risk Management and Insurance, and the former Chairman of the Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science department.

Dr. Porat received his undergraduate degree in economics and statistics (with distinction) from Tel Aviv University. His MBA (Magna Cum Laude) is from the Recanati Graduate School of Management at Tel Aviv University. He completed his doctoral work at Temple University.

Dr. Porat has won several awards for excellence in research and the 1998 Philadelphia Mayor’s Citation for his activities in connection with international programs. He was selected as the 2001 “International Dean of the Year” by the Academy of International Business for his leadership and contributions to international business programs and research. He was also awarded the 2002 Adam Smith Leadership Award for Academic Excellence and Educational Leadership by Economic Pennsylvania. He received the 2016 Vision and Values Award from Hillel of Greater Philadelphia.

How Israel Became a Start-Up Nation

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