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Alex Joffe, PhD

Alex Joffe, PhD is editor of SPME’s monthly BDS Monitor. He is an archaeologist and historian specializing in the Middle East and contemporary international affairs. Educated at Cornell University and the University of Arizona. Among other topics he has written extensively on the BDS movement and contemporary antisemitism.

BDS Monitor Live

Mon Oct 30th, at 12:00 PM Eastern

The extraordinary horror of the 7 October Hamas massacre in southern Israel has unleashed an unprecedented global wave of antisemitism. Campuses are a critical focal point, with BDS linked students and faculty dropping the mask to reveal genocidal intent, cast in terms of ‘resistance’ and ‘decolonization.’ For the first time society at large – and university donors – have taken notice of the disastrous state of universities and intellectual life. Taken together the implications for academia and Western society are grave.



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