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Anti-Zionism is the face of contemporary anti-Semitism

To solve a problem, you must be able to name it. We have a problem on our campuses. That problem is anti-Semitism. Many of us believed that anti-Semitism was a thing of the past. Jews being turned down for positions.…

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A Call for Divestment

We, as Students for Justice in Palestine, are a diverse collective of UCSB students who strive to form unity, solidarity, and empowerment across differences of race, gender, sexuality, class, culture, and history. Together, we have created a community committed to…

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Programmers at CNES saw no reason to counter Israel criticism

After the holidays, when Congress prepares to reauthorize Title VI of the Higher Education Act, legislators should take a cold, hard look at the case of UCLA’s Center for Near East Studies (CNES), a recipient of millions of dollars of…

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Messy politics at the Middle East Studies Association

In the decade that Austro- Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl came to Zionism, resolving that “the state of the Jews” in the world may not be remedied without a “Jewish state,” anti-Semitism had become the norm of modern life and one…

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