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Ohio State marching band’s Nazi song draws Jewish ire

Jewish organizations are livid following reports that members of Ohio State University’s marching band, one of the most famous in college football, published a satirical songbook containing lyrics making fun of Jews being murdered in concentration camps. Both the Anti-Defamation…

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Boycott Me

Alan Dershowitz has recently promoted the idea of Israel offering “honorary citizenship” to musicians, academics and others to help combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement outside of Israel. This is a terrific idea, and a variation on it…

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Campus Debates on Israel Drive a Wedge Between Jews and Minorities

LOS ANGELES — The debates can stretch from dusk to dawn, punctuated by tearful speeches and forceful shouting matches, with accusations of racism, colonialism and anti-Semitism. At dozens of college campuses across the country, student government councils are embracing resolutions…

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BDS Feud Returns to Brooklyn’s Park Slope Food Coop

Monthly general meetings at the Park Slope Food Coop are usually staid affairs. Roughly 200 of the 16,500 members typically attend to discuss routine matters and get credit for the shift everyone is required to work. But last month’s meeting…

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Anti-Semitism Goes to School

“I never dreamed that it could come to this!” In February, a Jewish college student was hospitalized after being punched in the face at a pro-Palestinian demonstration on a campus in upstate New York. His family has insisted on maintaining…

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For Israel boycott movement, racial tension is a feature, not a bug

For years we have been documenting how stirring racial tensions on campus is one of the tactics employed by the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. The methodology is to tie unrelated movements into the fight against Israel by portraying a…

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