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Israel Studies confab comes to UC Berkeley

The field of Israel studies emerged two decades ago as a reaction against the politicization (read: anti-Israel bias) of Mideast studies departments in U.S. universities. The new field, spearheaded by the creation of Israel studies centers at Emory and American…

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Hate Spaces: The Politics of Intolerance on Campus (Film Review)

What’s happening to Jewish and pro-Israel students on many American universities and colleges from coast to coast is horribly ugly. On “hotspot campuses” the problem is only getting worse. “Hate Spaces: The Politics of Intolerance on Campus”, a new 70…

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US presidential candidates condemn BDS and legislatures continue push against BDS while controversy grows over British Labour Party antisemitism. Trustees turn against professors and students as BDS-related provocations and campus antisemitism expand

The BDS movement suffered major losses in March as politicians and legislators condemned the movement. Particularly important were condemnations from all remaining US presidential candidates, representatives of European governments and Christian leaders. University trustees in the US also condemned BDS…

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BDS supporters back violent attacks against Israelis, as ties with ‘Black Lives Matters’ and the far left increase. British cultural figures make public statement against Israel boycotts while British academics come out in favor.

Escalating violence against Israelis in September was cheering by BDS supporters, especially on campuses and social media. The disappearing pretense of the BDS movement’s support for non-violence demonstrates that, in the manner of Palestinian politics generally, radical voices pull the…

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Salem on the Thames

Academics like to think of themselves as autonomous thinkers, and academia—meaning literally the protected realm of free speech—gives professors not only the right to speak their minds but also, via the institution of tenure, protection against losing their livelihoods by…

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