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Salaita, Out

I have written before about Steven Salaita. Once a tenured professor of English at Virginia Tech, he resigned from that position on the strength of an offer from the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign to serve in the American Indian Studies program. But…

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Steven Salaita Says He’s Leaving Academe

Three years after Steven Salaita lost a promised tenured position in American Indian studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign over the tone of his anti-Israel tweets, he’s leaving academe. Salaita, who had most recently been a visiting professor at…

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New Georgetown dean is an avowed supporter of Hezbollah

Georgetown University has promoted an avowed supporter of the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hezbollah as its newest academic chair. On September 1, Ahmad S. Dallal will become the dean of Georgetown University in Qatar, a school that is funded with support from its…

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BDS Occupies the National Cathedral

“Watching this film is a holy task,” prayed Rabbi Joseph Berman from Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) on March 5 while introducing the anti-Israel movie The Occupation of the American Mind at Washington, DC’s National Cathedral. Far from the sacred,…

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Jewish Law Day Analyzed BDS Within Legal Scope

Eugene Kontorovich prefers to not call the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel a movement at all. “It’s called the BDS movement for a reason: to make it sound like there’s a movement behind it,” he said, “like…

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Jewish students need defense training against BDS movement

In 1966, while attending the University of Illinois, Chicago campus, I came across an opportunity to register for the course in “Black-American History” under the direction of Professor Arna Bontemps, a highly respected black poet. For the first time in…

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The Middle East Studies Establishment Goes Full Warrior

It’s only to be expected. My colleagues and I at the Middle East Forum have for over two decadescriticized the decline of Middle East studies; so now, its syndicate, the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), has for the first time…

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