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Anti-Zionism and the Humanities: A response to Saree Makdisi

This lengthy essay by two leading US professors challenges the world of academic publishing. They identify the symptoms of a ‘widespread institutional corruption that extends far beyond the debates over the Middle East’: the move of disciplines and journals from…

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Rutgers symposium tackles anti-Semitism everywhere…except at Rutgers

Panelists discussing hatred toward houses of worship include, from left, George Selim, Jared Maples, Mohammad Ali Chaudry, and John D. Cohen. Photo Courtesy the N.J. Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Following reports that multiple members of its faculty expressed…

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New Book Exposes Depth of Anti-Israel Hate on American Campuses

About six months after Andrew Pessin posted on his Facebook profile a defense of Israel during its 2014 war against Hamas, the once popular Connecticut College philosophy professor was subjected to an academic smear campaign. The school paper published articles defaming…

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Who Gets Shouted Down on Campus?

Charles Murray, who was famously shouted down at Middlebury College last year, spoke without incident at Stanford University last week. Since the Middlebury incident, he has appeared at many campuses, typically with protests outside that did not prevent him from…

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