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Rutgers President Owes The Algemeiner an Apology

A phrase that likely originated as a wartime code of conduct, “shooting the messenger,” describes the act of blaming the bearer of unpleasant news. Before the era of modern telecommunications, messages had to be delivered by human envoys — and during hostilities, if a…

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Defending Antisemites, Rutgers President Takes Aim at The Algemeiner

Robert Barchi. Photo: Wikipedia. After weeks of dogged Algemeiner coverage of antisemitism at Rutgers University, we expected that the school’s president, Robert Barchi, would respond. But when he finally did, it left us astounded. Speaking over the weekend at a town hall event sponsored…

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U-M Professor Not Allowed to Speak at BDS Meeting Speaks Out Now

An Open Letter to the University of Michigan Central Student Government from Victor Lieberman, Raoul Wallenberg Distinguished University Professor of History and Professor of Asian and Comparative History On Nov. 14, the Central Student Government voted to prevent me from delivering…

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Middle East Tensions, U.S. Classrooms

WASHINGTON — At the Middle East Studies Association’s annual meeting, several panels focused on the tensions scholars of the region are navigating in the classroom in these intensely polarized times, with perhaps few issues as contentious as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.…

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Swastikas and anti-Semitism rife on campus: MPs hear how image is now seen as a ‘casual symbol of fun’ and Holocaust denial literature is being handed out

The swastika is seen on university campuses as being a ‘casual symbol of fun’  Anti-Jewish hatred is rife and Holocaust denial literature is being distributed Police had to be called to protect Jewish students from ‘animalistic behaviour Anti-Semitism is so…

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Professors are losing their freedom of expression

Howard Gillman is chancellor and professor of law and political science at the University of California at Irvine. Erwin Chemerinsky is dean and professor at the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Law. With so much attention focused on…

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