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You Say Free Speech, They Say White Nationalism

William Jacobson, founder of the blog Legal Insurrection, is among the best reporters I know on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israel. Of late, his blog has been more concerned with denouncing the excesses of President Trump’s critics…

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Watchdog Explores Correlation between Academic Boycott and Antisemitism

When an anti-Zionist expression occurs at department- sponsored events, it confers academic legitimacy on the expression and encourages students to adopt similar anti-Israel perspectives and engage in [a] similar anti-Zionist expression.” This, according to a study released on Tuesday by…

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New study: how anti-Israel faculty increase campus antisemitism

For a number of years we’ve been documenting anti-Israel activism on U.S. college campuses, carried out by student groups like Students for Justice in Palestine. In these prior posts we’ve described many instances when this virulent anti-Israelism has crossed over the line into…

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Rutgers Professor Calls Judaism ‘Most Racist Religion,’ Blames Jews for Armenian Genocide, in Flurry of Antisemitic, Homophobic and Sexist Posts

A Rutgers University professor has published multiple social media posts containing antisemitic canards and caricatures, including blaming the Armenian genocide on Jews, describing Judaism as “the most racist religion in the world,” and calling Israel a “terrorist country.” As first reported by…

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