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University cancels Israel Apartheid Week event

The University of Central Lancashire has cancelled an event which was due to take place as part of “Israel Apartheid Week” activity on its campus. The session was organised by the university’s Friends of Palestine group and was billed as a panel…

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BDS crowds disrupt Israeli UN envoy’s lecture

Speaking before some 300 students at Columbia University in New York on Monday evening, Danny Danon’s lecture was disrupted after crowds of BDS activists assembled outside and barged their way in, before drowning his statements to the chants of ‘Free…

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The intersectionality of fools

Over the last decade, the numbers of Chinese and Indian students at American universities have substantially increased. At the same time, faculty and students have campaigned to boycott China and India over the status of Tibet and Kashmir, to reject…

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Pro-Palestinian Group Banned on Political Grounds

Fordham University has denied an application to form a Students for Justice in Palestine chapter on campus, citing as its rationale the group’s political goals — including its support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel — and…

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Where Israel Advocacy Fails, and How It Can Succeed

This past November, the student newspaper at McGill University in Montreal responded to accusations that it had been providing a platform for anti-Semitism. While denying the specific charge, the editors emphatically reasserted their core position—namely, that the student paper “maintains…

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