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British BDS protesters turns violent as US universities increase direct training for BLM and BDS movements. Leaked emails show Clinton was advised not to mention Israel publicly but organized against BDS privately.

The first violent BDS protest of the fall semester has now occurred, as Midwestern colleges and universities begin offering direct support to campus activists, including the BLM and BDS movements, through training programs. The growing trend to regard Palestinians as…

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Academic year begins with BDS mainstreaming in courses and Capitol Hill, stealth BDS by faculty, disruptions of campus pro-peace events, and usurping Native American causes. But BDS failures show value of vigilance and speaking out.

The 2016 academic year began with BDS activities moving into new areas on campus, Capitol Hill, and the progressive movement, spreading rejection of Israel in both intellectual and academic terms. The conclusion that BDS itself is a ‘settler colonial’ movement…

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Lawsuit pits faculty against BDS in academic association. BDS votes by grad students set up confrontations with university administrations while American universities announce support for Israeli counterparts. Antisemitism row by BDS supporters riles British Labour Party.

Introduction April saw confrontations emerge between faculty opposed to BDS and academic organizations that have adopted BDS resolutions, including legal action, between graduate students and university administrations, and within political parties. At the same time, university administrations continue to express…

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US presidential candidates condemn BDS and legislatures continue push against BDS while controversy grows over British Labour Party antisemitism. Trustees turn against professors and students as BDS-related provocations and campus antisemitism expand

The BDS movement suffered major losses in March as politicians and legislators condemned the movement. Particularly important were condemnations from all remaining US presidential candidates, representatives of European governments and Christian leaders. University trustees in the US also condemned BDS…

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BDS movement suffers legal setbacks globally as nations and states impose restrictions, but legislative provisions split the White House and Congress. University protests continue with prominent antisemitic harassment.  

February saw dramatic setbacks for the BDS movement as legislators and politicians imposed restrictions and voiced unprecedented opposition. At the same time, BDS in universities and elsewhere continued to degenerate into overt antisemitism. These developments demonstrate that the BDS movement…

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