Tell FIFA to dump Israel now, urges international campaign

The congress of FIFA, the International Football Federation, is meeting Tuesday and Wednesday in Sao Paulo, and the international campaign to have Israel kicked out of the organization for longtime human rights abuses and violations of international law is swinging into…

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In Their Silence, Israeli Academics Collude With Occupation

Ariel U., an Israeli institution in the West Bank, was granted university status in 2012. Photographs by Rina Castelnuovo, Redux. n 2006, I was among 25 professors from five Israeli universities who filed a petition with the High Court of…

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After Kerry, only BDS may save the two-state solution

Now that the Kerry peace talks have failed and everyone has given up hoping that Netanyahu will change, what’s the new plan for ending the occupation one day? For liberal Zionists – people who want Israel to become a Jewish…

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How to practice BDS in academe

I’m no world traveler, but I’m lucky enough to regularly discuss or debate boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) at various universities and academic gatherings. Almost uniformly, somebody in the audience asks me about how he or she might broach the subject when…

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The BDS movement and the front lines of the war on academic freedom

Professor of Asian American studies at the University of California, Davis In December 2013, the American Studies Association announced that it had endorsed an academic boycott of Israeli academic institutions, following two years of discussion in the association and based…

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