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We Asked Two College Kids to Debate BDS. Here’s What Happened

Sami Rahamim is a rising senior at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Ravil Ashirov is a junior at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Sami is against BDS, while Ravil is a supporter. We asked them to debate the merits and…

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Watch: Israel’s secret blacklists of BDS supporters

Israel has started compiling and disseminating secretive blacklists of overseas supporters of BDS, the Palestinian-led boycott divestment and sanctions movement. I told The Real News’ Sharmini Peries about this recent phenomenon, how we know about it, and why it amounts to a…

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BDS Jordan celebrates three years of resistance against Israel

(MENAFN – #Jordan Times) AMMAN — Celebrating three years of resistance and awareness raising on Israel’s ‘apartheid projects’ in #Palestine earlier this week, Jordan’s Boycott, Investments, and Sanctions (BDS Jordan) movement has announced that 11 Jordanian companies have cut ties with British security company…

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Do You Think the Cultural BDS Movement Is Failing? Think Again

Do you think that the cultural boycott campaign against Israel is a colossal failure? Think again. Scotland’s Sunday Herald recently published an open letter signed by artists, media workers and academics that called for a boycott against Israeli artists at Edinburgh’s “Fringe Festival,” the largest performing arts festival in the world. This…

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Stop trying to define my oppression

On November 2014, I sat outside a packed study hall, where the Ryerson Student Union (RSU) in Toronto was holding its Semi-Annual General Meeting (AGM). I found myself in similar places all too often, awaiting the results of debates about…

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Major German university students say BDS continues nazi boycott

The student parliament at the Goethe University in Frankfurt on Thursday condemned the BDS campaign for duplicating the Nazi-era movement’s boycotts of Jewish-owned businesses. “The call by the BDS [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions] campaign to boycott products from the parts designated…

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