Anti BDS

Defending Israel and the Wounded Feelings of the Jewish Left

Can American Jews talk about Israel any longer? A lot of people don’t think so anymore. Left-wing writer Peter Beinart even proposed last weekin a Haaretz column that they should stop trying to rebuild an imaginary position of unity and…

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The case against academic boycott

Are calls for academic boycott constitutionally protected by the First Amendment concerning the protection of free expression? Does academic freedom allow for academic boycotts? My answer to both questions is no. In the course of 2013, several academic associations in…

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Anti-Semitism 101 at University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine plans to host an event on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which falls this year on Thursday. The purpose of this event is not to commemorate the Holocaust but rather to…

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Columbia Student Groups Battle Over MLK, Israel

Anger. Shock. Frustration. Confusion. Outrage. Hurt. These are just some of the feelings that overwhelmed me Wednesday night when I read the statement issued by Columbia University Black Students’ Organization accusing the pro-Israel campus organization Aryeh, on whose executive board…

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Challenging Double Standards

To The Signees of Current Boycott Initiatives Regarding Israel We are writing to you about a political issue, which increasingly causes us anxiety: how artists, and individuals affiliated with the arts address conflict in the Middle East. Over the past…

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American Campuses: Cause For Alarm?

A student at the University of Ohio recalls the heated moments when she and three of her classmates were arrested last September while protesting the fiercely anti-Israel rhetoric of a fellow student, the president of the Student Senate. A young…

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