Anti BDS

Why I Am Opposed to an Academic Boycott of Israel

I’m a professor of American Studies. My professional organization is the American Studies Association (ASA), of which I’ve been a member for more than a decade. Over the course of those years I’ve organized, chaired, and presented papers on panels…

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The Ignorant Advocates of the Boycott of Israel

Brooklyn, New York, was once famous for its Dodgers. Now it is infamous for the Political Science Department of Brooklyn College that has sponsored or cosponsored symposiums, in February 2013 and in November 2013, confined to speakers who support boycott,…

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BDS supporters threatened to kill Jews as they protested outside of an Israeli expo in South Africa. Photo: Mohamed Ouda via Wikimedia Commons.

How the BDS Movement Manipulates Western Liberals

The Badil Center, a Palestinian Arab organization that is a major force behind the BDS movement, has published an extensive analysis in Jadaliyya magazine of their perspective on its progress and shortcomings over the past eight years. The magazine reprints…

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A still, small leftwing voice against BDS

As members the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America gather for their annual meeting in Jerusalem, the threat posed by anti-Israel demonization and political warfare is a central concern. In the US and Canada, this threat is…

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