Anti BDS

The perversity of the Israel-boycott blacklist

The UN Human Rights Council is well-known for its hostility toward Israel, but a project it’s about to complete puts it into truly bizzaro territory. UN rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein (who last year compared then-candidate Donald Trump to ISIS)…

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Bad Times for Boycotting Israel

It has been a bad few months for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. First, the state of Wisconsin adopted a rule in October prohibiting companies that engage in the boycott from receiving local government contracts, joining 23 other American…

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Antisemitism no longer hiding behind anti-Israel rhetoric

For years, antisemitism has been couched in the language of “anti-Zionism”, allowing its proponents to claim that they are only criticising Israel. Explicitly attacking Jews, whether rhetorically or physically, has been generally seen as unacceptable, even among those who dislike…

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Why Can’t American Students Show Common Sense on Antisemitism?

Supported by antisemitic faculty who seek to redefine Jew hatred in such a way that excludes themselves, American students seem to be unable and unwilling to accept the definition of antisemitism. They should take a cue from their peers in Australia, who condemned…

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