Anti BDS

UK campus anti-Semitism and the state of free speech

“There has been a rise in anti-Semitism on UK university campuses since 2001. In that year the UN World Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa, accused Israel of racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, attempted genocide, and crimes against humanity. “Campus…

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No campus should be a ‘no go’ area for Jews

Last week, the London School of Economics hosted a talk on the Middle East conflict by Richard Falk. In case you don’t know Richard Falk’s past, he has suggested that “Tel Aviv” was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing. He endorsed…

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Something Is Rotten In The State Of Academia

Having attended three IAW meetings this week (UCL, KCL, Brunel), blogged about two of them and taken an early bath from the third, I have been thinking hard about various aspects of this annual hatefest. The most obvious observation is…

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The peak of Israel-Palestine war on UK campuses

The so-called “Israel Apartheid Week” is the peak of the Israel-Palestine conflict on campuses, during which university societies claiming to support Palestinians around the UK campuses host events with controversial speakers and mock checkpoints and the “apartheid” wall. Needless to say…

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BDS, Martin Luther King Jr. and Existentialism

Whenever Martin Luther King Day rolls around, both pro- and anti-Israel forces skirmish over King’s legacy, borrowing tropes from the civil rights movement and quotes from its leader to support different sides in the Arab-Israeli conflict. This rush to enlist…

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