‘Intersectionality’ and the Bizarre World of Hating Israel

Have you heard of “intersectionality,” the latest strategy of Israel-haters who, like Alice in Lewis Carroll’s classic, reside in a “looking-glass world,” where clocks run backwards, language is nonsensical and everything is topsy-turvy? Have you wondered why Black Lives Matter…

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Circling the Wagons at Vassar

It has now been about a month since Jasbir Puar gave her infamous talk at Vassar College, about which I wrote here. Thanks to a strong reaction by Fairness to Israel, a Vassar alumni group, and the Academic Engagement Network…

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A Tale of Two Professors

To understand just how depraved today’s college campuses are, compare the treatment of two professors – one defending a Western, pro-American democracy (Israel) and the other suspected of supporting this century’s most gruesome Islamist terror organization, the Islamic State (“ISIS”).…

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Jewish Academics Turn Against Hillel

The enemies of Israel neither slumber nor sleep. They include not only the technically competent barbarians of Iran, exuberantly aggressive with the prospect of nuclear weapons and the $150 billion “signing bonus” paid them for signing a sham agreement with…

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Anti-Israel historians get a taste of their own medicine

A group of historians who will be traveling to a convention in Atlanta next week, where they will present a resolution condemning Israel, are going to get a taste of their own medicine along the way. The 126 scholars are…

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Why I Changed My Mind about Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism

The seven weeks of war between Israel and Hamas in the summer of 2014 occasioned the greatest outpouring of raw anti-Semitism since the demise of Nazism. Ironically, relatively little of this, or at least less than usual, occurred in the…

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