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Universities should be preparing to respond to anti-Semitism this fall

(RNS) — Last spring, anti-Semitic flyers were posted on a number of college campuses, including the University of Illinois at Chicago and Texas State University. A swastika was painted on the school sign at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. It was no different at Allegheny College, a small liberal arts college in northwestern Pennsylvania, where…

Steven Salaita Says He’s Leaving Academe

Three years after Steven Salaita lost a promised tenured position in American Indian studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign over the tone of his anti-Israel tweets, he’s leaving academe. Salaita, who had most recently been a visiting professor at American University of Beirut, said in a widely shared Facebook postthat he’s been recruited by colleagues…

Challenging Violent Speech—Unless It’s About Israel

The idea that speech can itself constitute an act of violence grows ever more popular among the left’s leading polemicists. They argue that employing a politically incorrect word can be triggering; that the wrong gender pronoun can provoke; that words and sentences and parts of speech are all acts of aggression in disguise. The left…

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