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Punish the Mob

When Charles Murray came to Middlebury College on Thursday, Middlebury’s administration said the right thing. Murray’s work has long been controversial, particularly since he co-authored The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life. Although it was not a major part of the work, the claim that got Murray in trouble concerned the gap between…

University cancels Israel Apartheid Week event

The University of Central Lancashire has cancelled an event which was due to take place as part of “Israel Apartheid Week” activity on its campus. The session was organised by the university’s Friends of Palestine group and was billed as a panel discussion looking at the boycott of Israel. It was due to feature speakers including anti-Israel…

UK universities urged to tackle rising tide of antisemitism on campus

Universities are being urged to act swiftly to tackle antisemitism on campuses after a series of incidents in recent weeks – including Holocaust denial leaflets, fascist stickers and swastikas etched on and around campuses – which have fuelled anxiety among Jewish students. Leading academics, student representatives and experts on antisemitism expressed concern at the widespread…

BDS crowds disrupt Israeli UN envoy’s lecture

Speaking before some 300 students at Columbia University in New York on Monday evening, Danny Danon’s lecture was disrupted after crowds of BDS activists assembled outside and barged their way in, before drowning his statements to the chants of ‘Free Palestine’; Danon: ‘We will not be quiet in the face of lies that you spread…

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