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On Linda Sarsour’s Politics of Hate and the Pathos of Her Jewish Enablers

Linda Sarsour is a progressive-media darling. One of Essence magazine’s “Woke 100 Women,” Sarsour was named a leader of the Women’s March that followed President Donald Trump’s inauguration, despite declaring that “nothing is creepier than Zionism”—though her wish to “take away” the “vagina” of clitoridectomy victim and human-rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, praise for Nation…

Why Linda Sarsour Is A Fake Feminist

Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American activist and a co-organizer of the Women’s March on Washington, has shaken the Jewish world with a few freakish remarks on Zionism and feminism. In an interview, “Can You Be a Zionist Feminist? Linda Sarsour Says No”, in The Nation in March, Sarsour declared: “You either stand up for the rights…

The Sad — But True — Facts About Campus Antisemitism

Those of us who care deeply about the safety and well-being of Jewish students on college campuses would like nothing more than for Mitchell Bard to be correct. For several years, and as recently as last week, Bard has repeatedly claimed that reports of the serious and growing threat of campus antisemitism are wildly exaggerated. Unfortunately, the…

Understanding the Campus Free-Speech Crisis

What’s gone wrong on our college campuses and how can we fix it? This past week, Manhattan Institute scholar Heather Mac Donald, a knowledgeable supporter of America’s criminal justice system and thoughtful critic of the Black Lives Matter movement, was repeatedly shouted down by protesters at UCLA, then silenced and forced to escape with a…

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