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Over 90 Alumni, Faculty Urge Oberlin College to End ‘Concerted Hostility Toward Israel’ on Campus

More than 90 alumni of Oberlin College in Ohio called on their alma mater on Wednesday to end “the concerted hostility toward Israel” on campus, saying it fosters a hostile environment for Jewish students. In an open letter sent to Oberlin President Carmen Twillie Ambar, signatories organized by the group Oberlin Alums for Campus Fairness — which opposes the…

Anti-Zionism and the Humanities: A response to Saree Makdisi

This lengthy essay by two leading US professors challenges the world of academic publishing. They identify the symptoms of a ‘widespread institutional corruption that extends far beyond the debates over the Middle East’: the move of disciplines and journals from textual interpretation and scholarship to politics and polemic; the fundamental breakdown in the peer review…

Rutgers symposium tackles anti-Semitism everywhere…except at Rutgers

Panelists discussing hatred toward houses of worship include, from left, George Selim, Jared Maples, Mohammad Ali Chaudry, and John D. Cohen. Photo Courtesy the N.J. Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Following reports that multiple members of its faculty expressed anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and other hate-filled viewpoints, Rutgers University — home to one of the country’s…

Israel at 70: It’s time to reclaim the Z-word, Zionism

JERUSALEM (JTA) — All too often, when I ask campus organizations that are pro-Israel and deeply Zionist why they avoid using the “Z-word” in their messaging and literature, I’m told, “Zionism doesn’t poll well.” True, not polling well is one of today’s great sins. But imagine what our world would be like if our ancestors feared the…

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