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The Israelization of anti-Semitism

In the twenty-first century, criticism of Israel that is grounded in antisemitic thinking and aimed at Jews in general has become the dominant verbal form in which Judeophobic ideas are articulated and disseminated. Between 2002 and 2012, the Israeli Embassy in Berlin and the Central Council of Jews in Germany received over 14,000 emails, letters,…

It’s time for UC Regents to implement principles against intolerance they adopted

In our nation today, we are witnessing an unprecedented unwillingness to accept, or merely recognize and respect, beliefs or behavior that differ from our own. It is the essence of intolerance, and it has unquestionably skyrocketed, traversing political divides, identities, ethnicities and nationalities. This is particularly problematic on college campuses, as we witnessed when violence…

Governing Against BDS

Students and faculty members are usually the most active participants in campus discussions about the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel. A new report that’s highly critical of the boycott campaign argues that governing boards must also play a role in such discussions and ultimately act as a backstop for academic freedom. While the…

‘Bell Curve’ author attacked by protesters at Middlebury College

Students and professors at Middlebury College were ashamed and embarrassed after an explosive protest Thursday night that has forced the school to reconsider what it means to embrace free speech. The normally peaceful campus of Middlebury College, with its mountain backdrop and elite reputation, was shaken last week after violent student protesters shut down a…

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