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The Hypocrisy of antifa

The University of California in Berkeley was again the scene of violence recently, as protesters claimed license to silence those with whom they disagree. Their fight against “fascism” took the form of not just stopping a speech, but assaulting those who came to hear it. For those of us at universities and colleges, these counter-demonstrators, and in…

Is the ACLU Still Committed to Free Speech?

*Updated, with comment from the ACLU* At the heart of the recent controversy surrounding a bipartisan effort to prevent anti-Israeli discrimination is a letter written by the American Civil Liberties Union that argues that the legislation—introduced in the Senate earlier this year—constitutes a violation of the First Amendment. Coming from an organization so many, including many Jews, consider…

Faculty Who Say Yes to ‘Anti-Zionist’ Conspiracy Theories

Late this May, Vida Samiian, Director of Middle East Studies at California State University, Fresno, resigned. Her complaint: “the unethical and discriminatory cancellation of the Edward Said Professorship [in Middle Eastern Studies] search.” According to the administration, the search was canceled “because of critical procedural errors.” The search committee, the administration says, was improperly formed, and “an…

Professor sounds the alarm: Palestinian propaganda is ‘infiltrating’ American education

A Syracuse professor is sounding the alarm about how Palestinian propaganda, which promotes violence against Israel and the Jews, has “infiltrated” America’s educational institutions. Red Alert Politics discussed this creeping anti-Israel bias with Professor Elman at length. “It’s been well-documented that some of the leading supporters of BDS & virulently anti-Israel faculty are affiliated with the…

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