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Leading Anti-BDS US Academics Weigh in On Controversial Proposed Israeli Academic Ethics Code

American professors who have played prominent roles in fighting the international boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement have weighed in on a controversial academic ethics code being considered for implementation in Israel. The Alliance for Academic Freedom (AAF) released a statement earlier this week condemning the proposed regulations drawn up by Israeli professor Asa Kasher, of Tel Aviv University…

The Science of Racism is Back

The founder of anthropology in North America was Franz Boas, a German Jew who began his work in the early 20th century, when racial explanations of human behaviour were popular. Decades before European racism would come to fruition in the Holocaust, Boas was arguing against race as a way of understanding people. It would not have…

Everyone Lost at Dartmouth

In May 2017, N. Bruce Duthu, an associate dean and faculty member in Native American studies at Dartmouth College, announced that he would not be accepting the appointment he had been offered to become dean of the faculty. An enrolled member of the United Houma Nation and an authority on Native American law and public policy,…

Pitzer College Board of Trustees Overturns Student Government Pro-BDS Vote

The Pitzer College board of trustees announced on Friday that, following “careful consideration,” it had decided to “rescind…and declare…to be of no effect” a student government vote held during Passover to add an anti-Israel boycott into its bylaws. The decision, made public in an email sent to the campus community, overturned the student senate amendment…

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