Karl Pfeifer Response to Frey Report on Walt-Mearsheimer in Forward

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Dear Prof. Beck,

The report of Eric Frey reminded me of Orwell, who wrote about doublespeak – war is peace – for it had nothing to do with Austrian reality.

As a matter of fact I was not present at any of the debates of Karl Renner Institut – named after the first president of Austria, who in a speech in August 1945 declared that all those little nazis, those little businessmen, those little employees did not wanted to have a war, “to the utmost they wanted to do something to the Jews.”

Walt & Mearsheimer could as a result of the invitation by socialdemocratic Renner Institut give long interviews to State owned radio and TV, mainstream papers published also interviews and the weekly profil even published on its cover an american flag with David Stars. This was already the way Nazis described what today is called ZOG.

In spring 2005 Mr. Frey was informed about the antisemitic book “Flowers of Galilee” of a swedish-russian antisemite who converted to be a greek orthodox and spreads his poison under the name of Israel Shamir, he changed in few years in Sweden his name twice. He was called Jöran Jermas, now his name is Adam Ermash. The publisher of the book is Fritz Edlinger, who represented the Austrian socialdemocratic party at the Middle East Comitee of the Socialist International for at least 5 years and the book was printed by leftwing Promedia. In the book one can find also the ZOG slogan.

The French publisher of this book was condemned in France to 3 month prison and a fine of about 25.000 Euro. The antisemitic rags Zur Zeit and Aula promote it together on one page with Walt & Mearsheimers book.

The paper of Mr. Frey published only about subject matter at the end of the year, when a group of Austrian Intellectuals (students and profs) protested against Fritz Edlinger speaking at an event at Graz University and the rector prohibited the event.

Dear Prof. Beck, Pls inform also the editors of Forward about this misrepresentation of reality.

Kind regards
Karl Pfeifer, a 79 years old journalist who won at ECHR Strasbourg Pfeifer v. Austria on Nov 15.

Karl Pfeifer Response to Frey Report on Walt-Mearsheimer in Forward

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