Jewish Studies Centre at Carleton University Receives Anti-Semitic Threats

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I have just been informed that the Jewish Studies department at Ottawa’s Carleton University has received 3 threats: 2 threatening blog posts and one threatening phone message.

The blogs, which have pretty much identical posts, talk about Carleton and say “We need to identify the Zionist Kikes and their handmaidens. It is time to draw up the lists, the time to use them is near, and here.” The blog later identifies Carleton as being “Jewed” and directly identifies the Jewish Studies Department, in addition to Carleton President Runte. “What is the chance that this Roseann Runte is a J-w as well?”

The highly distubring links are here and here .

The phone message was left on the Jewish Studies’ Department voicemail. According to my source, the caller was “an educated-sounding, middle-aged man.”

This is a small portion of what he said:

“When Mr. Ahmajinejad said Israel will cease to exist – this is true – can’t continue genocide of people and murdering. Israel’s days are numbered. If Israel wants democracy – give it to all Arab people. Population of Palestinians more than Israelis.”

It is being demonstrated time and time again that Israeli Apartheid Week is not about free speech: it is about intimidation , libel , and blatant anti-Semitism .

As Canadians who believe in a society where everyone has the right to live free of fear, as people who believe that the truth must be preserved, as students that are sick and tired of distractions taking them away from their school work, we must put an end to this week. It serves absolutely no productive purpose.

We say that terrorists are evil, even if their cause is noble, because they sacrifice innocents to get their message out. Is this not what the Left is doing to get their message out? What is the cost of holding IAW? If the cost is violence, intimidation and alienation of Canadians, then is that cost not too high, even if the message is noble?

I urge the organizers of this event to contemplate these issues. If they really care about human life, human dignity, and “oppression wherever it is found”, as they constantly claim they do, then they will cancel this event next year. Otherwise, they are fully complacent in these attacks, and they are a complete sham.

Jewish Studies Centre at Carleton University Receives Anti-Semitic Threats

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